Outsourcing in hiring process

    • Preparing and/or producing tender documents, inviting at least three people or direct assignment.
    • Revision of the tender bases, inviting at least three people or direct assignment.
    • Previous supervision, during or after the hiring process.


Diagnostics, rulings and expert opinion

      • Development of legal, technical, and administrative diagnostics of companies that execute works, suppliers or service providers.
      • Development of rulings regarding observance and adherence tnormativity in the hiring procedures and in the execution of construction, acquisitions, leasing, and provision of services of any nature.
      • Technical and normativity expert opinions in construction and related services, acquisitions, leasing and general services.



      • Consulting, service and administrative assistance tcompanies, regarding the hiring of Long Term Productive Infrastructure Projects (PIDIREGAS), just like those related tExternal Energy Producers (PEE), those related tService Provision Projects (PSS), and in general any other type of of Public-Private Association (APP).
      • Administrative consulting and assistance tconstruction companies, suppliers and service providers, during the administrative processes of hiring and execution, or public works, acquisitions, leasing and services.
      • Administrative consulting and assistance regarding property or goods and related tthe federal estate.


Legal and Technical Assistance

      • Development of claims and assistance in technical and judicial arguments that the supplying companies or service providers or construction companies, need tcarry out before the Public Sector.


Technical and Normative Revisions

    • Technical and normative assistance in the production of administrative writing and documents that is required tbe presented tdependencies and entities of the Public Administration.


Arbitration and Mediation

    • Function as an arbitrator in the diverse controversies that may arise in the matter of public works, related services, acquisitions, leasing, and services in general.
    • Contribute as mediators in the different administrative and judicial processes, which arise in matter subject tthe constitution of the Centr.



    • High management training temployees of the construction companies at work, suppliers or service providers, in public works, acquisitions, leasing, services, such as loss, affectation and final destination of personal property and related tfederal estate, all of this, sheltered by the latest normativity.


Works Supervision

    • Carry out the management, control and supervision in the execution of works of any nature.
    • Carry out the execution of constructions, from planning, programming, budgets, as well as the different contractors that intervene.


Comprehensive Contract Administration

    • Comprehensive administration of works contracts, from the investigation, projects, specifications, physical and financial advance programs, price analysis, complaints, price adjustments, withdrawals, just like in service contracts that are related t, acquisitions, leasing and services required by the companies.


Project Management

    • Carry out the complete coordination of all the works in technical, administrative and financial aspects.

Process Design

    • Design and development of processes regarding public works and related services, acquisitions, leasing and services required by the companies.


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