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About us


The Centro de Investigación y Asistencia Legal y Técnica en Obras y Adquisiciones is a company formed by professionals with the highest experience, knowledge, high quality moral and intellectual.

CIALTOA is the best option for support, before, during, and after the contracting and also in public works execution, acquisition of goods, general services provision, both for the public sector and for private companies, the object being to achieve these services before the tender process with transparency, equity and strict adherence to normativity, in benefit of the government and the companies themselves, procuring an efficient administration, development and supervision.


Our Mission

Provide our clients a normative, technical and humane service with excellence that fulfills their solution expectations with quality, efficient time and costs, ensuring day by day, the best assistance and guaranteeing our clients they can count on the best consultants and investigators in the trade.


Our Vision

Continue to be the company that has the most qualified professionals in Mexico that can offer consulting and investigation in public works, acquisitions, leasing, services and in general, public contracting.


Our Values

The values on which our work is based on and that influence the behavior of the human element, are the ingredients that guide us, that we share and show in our company’s’ coexistence to reach our objectives and those of our clients.


  • Self-improvement
  • o We believe in professional, labor, and human perfection in every level, and seek continuous improvement.
  • Service
  • We believe in courtesy and added value by providing an excellent service to our clients.
  • Overall Quality
  • o We believe in perfection and excellency in each one of our actions in order to opt for the quality in every aspect and through the establishment of state of the art systems, we broaden our commitment to quality and the trust we offer at all times to our clients.
  • Commitment
  • We believe in the commitment to act with responsibility, to foresee and measure each one of the events that can modify quality, time and cost of the activities we develop.
  • Honesty
  • We believe in loyalty and honesty in every aspect and involvement; with the country, with family, clients, our company and our team.
  • Confidentiality
  • We believe in discretion and caution in the matters entrusted by our clients, as it is fundamental for their tranquility and everyday activities, especially when the importance or transcendence of the entrusted matter goes beyond a simple enquiry, claim or argument.
“CIALTOA considered the number 1 company in their specialty by a consulting magazine.”